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  • What is the difference with CDs compared to the kits sold by Delafaurie (Joudry) on the site "sound therapy"?

Good question

 We own the CDs of Joudry but the quality is less good, it still goes 40 years almost, this is seen with an educated ear or software.

Moreover they are not suitable for everyone.

Joudry It was a good idea but too general, 4 CDs for all, not specialized enough to needs, nor suitable for everyone.

 We offer a more adapted process in the "softness of sound" for our cells.

 For a complete program, there is also the equivalent of 10 to 15 CDs instead of the 4 CDs of Joudry too little. We can adapt with hundreds of different scales and filtering.

  That's why the media is a DVD.

  and Joudry use less than half of the tracks in Mozart while according to the Mozart results is really the best support for everyone.

So more bands sound, in better quality, only Mozart in support Tomatis + complements.

* Our specialized are the soundtracks to €80, to download (+ €10 If need a DVD support delivered to you).

* The complete and suitable program for you is at €180 delivered on DVD.

Compared to Joudry (Delafaurie only sells copy copy) The sound is clearer.

  • Does the complete program include all specialized programs including tinnitus treatment?

  The complete program does not include all the specialties. (There are too many sound tapes).

There is the program to which we add the desired specialization without extra price.

And if you need a second school specialization for example, then you need a supplement.

The 2nd kit of Joudry have little Mozart. The results are uncertain according to the results of the last decades.

And these are not complete or adapted programs.

For example if I do not have tinnitus 1 of 3kit will not serve me anything.

Or if I want a program like Tomatis, there is nothing, no uterine return, which takes 14h-20h listening with a specific progression.

The files will be in FLAC, readable by all the androids.

If it's for an ipod IPhone, tell the format will change.

  • What is the complete program?

The complete program includes:

-Taking into account the listening test

-The deep and adapted process of about 20 hours that Tomatis used.

-Soundtracks for the sequel

-The required specialization in connection with the short telephone interview

Minimum 2x 1 week of daily work.

The equivalent of a minimum of 10 CDs

Specialization includes:

-The required specialization in connection with the short telephone interview.

Minimum 10 days of daily work.

The equivalent of a minimum of 3 CDs

  • Should I buy the headphones forbrain or headphones with bone conduction + micro is enough?


  For listening, you have to listen with headphones, any time that it suits you that it is of correct quality, with a bandwidth at least up to 18 000 Hz, and foam atria.  

 The headphones forbrain is not used to listen to Tomatis, it is a complement in a second time to hear his voice and it also makes filter.

Forbrain helps to speak better or sing, and read, more fluidity, presentation here Forbrain, if need be purchased here €279, requires an additional work of 1 to 30 minutes per regular day.

(Possibility to rent it 3 weeks for €100)

  • Which headphones to use?

The bone conduction helmet at the temples does not look the best for me to listen to Tomatis. A helmet that insulates the ears would be better.

What most people even ignore most professionals is that the bone conduction is done around the eardrum. So a classic headphones is complete, the eardrum does not lead the sound, just the rhythm, for the sound is the bone around the eardrum and it is the bone conduction. (There the medical world will slowly update, there has been, it seems, a deliberate occultation).

The model of Samsung level one pro €250 or €100 on EBay. is the top.