Custom Tomatis Program on DVD

The audio program is collected on a DVD

In high quality, manual and digital book.
A good quality headphones, and an audio player, or a recent computer of qualities are needed.

Personalized listening program set on DV
Daudio: €180

We copy the recording of the electronic ear on blank DVDS, digitally printed like the photo and with cardboard storage.

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Mozart Sounds


Purchase process for the custom program:
* Ask for the link to do a test of listening on the internet with headphones.
* Email you at
-the result, the screen copy of the Curves
-With your address
-Pay online or ask for the IBAN at the same time.
-Specify if you will listen to it on Ipod/Iphone.
* After a short maintenance phone, receive the program on DVD at your home, under 2-7days worked.
The music is more varied than in a center but remains focused on Mozart.
In addition to €70: after 14 to 30h of listening, do the test of listening on the internet and send it by email.
Then you receive new music and readapted via a download by an Internet link.
(You pay the €70 at the same time when in due time.)
Are you clear? For an express order possibility to pay with Bank transfert.