What are the sounds with "Tomatis effect"?

Sounds to "Tomatis effect"?

The Tomatis effect is based on:

  • Specially selected and high quality music, including Mozart
  • An integrated electronic tipping system obtained through an "electronic ear"
  • Frequency filtering adapted to the desired purpose and to touch the desired brain functions


Why is the music base Mozart?

All the experiments did not find better:

  Mozart invites the nervous system to a process of integrating music: the ear is open, receptive, and can detect frequencies hitherto inaudible.

Mozart escapes all rigidity, allowing the inspiration to pass through it in its purest form. The rhythm of the music and the rhythm of the body coincide. The music is not felt as a constraint, and frees the heart and respiratory rhythms. Thus a music that also fits perfectly with the vital rhythms of the human being, allows us to liberate our potential from its blockages.


Technical example of the electronic scale obtained by an "electronic ear":

The CH1 and CH2 alternate during the music to "surprise" the barriers of the brain and work in depth and new areas, this is one of the bases allowing the re-education of functions.

This technique is no longer to prove and has proven this evidence for decades. Now the advances are additional adjustments and especially here, becomes available at all, and at a low cost.

Tomatis Ear

Some results of scientific studies on the Tomatis method on children/adults: